John provides different recipes for preparing your house for sale along with a mouth pleasing food recipe.

Karen & Meredith’s Sunset Dip: Timing and commitment by the seller to clean up, touch up, and de-clutter! Results? It was as fresh as a daisy.- listed Nov 2006

Blair's Chicken with Lime Butter: The Owner’s commitment to finish up, touch up, clean up. Wow!...- listed Nov 2006

Another Westover Hills and Crab & Shrimp Quiche: This house "sold at a premium price", thanks to the realtor's and owner's "list of needed enhancements."- listed Oct 2005

Westover Hills home and Virginia Tea: "The owner’s TLC since 1998, and implementing a list of agent suggestions prior to listing," made the home "sold for a significant profit!"- listed Sept 2005

Beautiful Brick Colonial and Strawberry Salad: The "two story colonial is located in a city neighborhood where homes tend to sit on the market a while." Result "It sold within ten days. . ."- listed Aug 2005

Improvement Home and Ruth's Lasanga: "The agent devised a plan to maximize the home’s positives." Result, the home "sold in 22 days" - listed Mar 2005

Wedgewood Park and Virginia Hospitality Brunswick Stew: "The owner and realtor met. . ." Afterwards, "these owners did a great job of having the home 'ready & set' to go." - listed Dec 2004

Wedgewood Park Colonial and Green Bean Casserole: "Prior to listing, the owner and realtor met and made a list of. . . improvements. . . & WOW" - listed Oct 2004

Cross Timbers Colonial and Sassy Salsa: Before listing, "the owner and realtor met. . . By show time, the owner had the home ripe and ready." - listed Sept 2004

Dunncroft cape and Fruit Pizza: the owners "made some cosmetic improvements and 'spic & spanned' the interior."- listed July 2004

Summerwood Transitional and Cheese Spread: after a few minor improvements "owners had the home sparkling!" - listed May 2004

Charles Glen Colonial and Chicken Pot Pie: After implementing the realtors suggestions, the colonial "sold within a week at a nice profit for the owners." - listed Feb 2004

West End Brick Cape and Chicken Pasta Salad: This cozy cape "attracted several offers, all well over listing price!" - listed May 2003

West End Brick Colonial and Cheese Grits Casserole: Before putting the house on the market, "the owners made some minor cosmetic improvements inside & out." - listed Feb 2003

Classic Brick Northside cape and Quick & Easy Chilli: After the owner’s home cleaning, "a well planned real estate . . . advertising strategy made the difference." - listed Jan 2003

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